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Sustainability Policy


Bardsley Construction Ltd (the ‘Organisation’) are committed to, and fully embrace the ethos of
sustainability. It is our declared policy to undertake all of our operations to uphold the Environmental, Social and Economic well being of all those we interact with and use all reasonably practicable measures to improve their quality of life whilst satisfying the operational
needs of our business.

It is the Organisation’s stated objective to:
• To regularly assess the environmental effects of our activities in meeting the declared aims of
   our ISO14001 Environmental Policy, and minimise the impact on all stakeholders.
• Reduce waste and improve efficiency in operation and production, energy use and materials,
   and promote the reuse and recycling of materials.
• Respond to the concerns of local communities and other interested parties in relation to
   environmental issues.
• Encourage and support community cohesion.
• Invest in our future to provide apprenticeships and training opportunities, to ensure we have a
   stable and qualified workforce.
• Where practicable utilise local labour, subcontractors and suppliers to support local commerce,
   and reduce transportation.
• Procure materials locally, from renewable and sustainable sources that offer best value solutions
   to reduce transportation and long term cost in use.
• Maintain our ethical approach to procurement and continue to work with like minded
   organisations that promote sustainability.
• Monitor our performance to ensure we meet, or strive to exceed, our stated objectives.

Bardsley will seek to deliver these objectives through our operating procedures. This policy is communicated to all of its Employees, Suppliers, and Subcontractors and is made available to the Public via our website.