Purchasing Policy


The primary object of the purchasing policy is always to provide quality products and services in the most cost effective manner in time to meet the client’s requirements. Bardsley Construction recognises the importance of sustainable procurement in relation to the environment and endeavours to procure materials in a responsible manner.

Our Procurement Policy supports existing organisational policies therefore the following policies may also apply:
• Environmental Policy
• Health and Safety Policy
• Quality Assurance Policy
• Sustainability Policy Purchasing Objectives

In procuring goods Bardsley Construction Limited will:
• Obtain materials for the successful completion of the contract in negotiation with the parameters
  of the contract specification.
• Aim to continue long-term mutually satisfactory relationships with suppliers rather than short-
  term advantage.
• Strive to seek and source new, alternative products and suppliers helping us to maintain a
   competitive edge.
• When possible purchase materials locally.
• Cut down on waste by utilising existing materials from sites.
• Purchase materials: A) That contains recycled content, thereby reducing carbon emissions and
  diverting waste from landfill. B) That are sustainably sourced and least harmful to the environment.
  C) From suppliers that pursue and promote environmental sustainability.
• Resolve any complaints in an amicable manner.
• Dispose of surplus materials in a manner that does nor compromise the environment.
• Ensure pertinent information on market conditions, trends, process, government regulations etc is
   properly discriminated to relevant personnel within the company.

Bardsley Construction Limited will implement and develop this policy, ensuring all staff are responsible with complying with this policy.