Senior Estimator Required

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As a Senior Estimator you’ll be responsible for:-


·         Carefully inspect tender documentation. Analyse exact requirements and identify areas

that have implications to BCL, i.e. a contractual requirement may be onerous.

·         Provide a detailed “take-off” and Bill of Quantities (BQ) using the Conquest Estimating

software package.

·         Work on traditional Plan and Specification and Design and Build Contracts.

·         Rate build-ups to be checked and amended where necessary.

·         Clearly mark BQ to identify items to have enquiries sent out, together with

specification, prelim elements and appropriate drawings. Monitor enquiry process and

dates for quote returns.

·         Oversee or complete the quote analysis comparison and make selection for inclusion

in priced tender.

·         Assess individual rates and prices, amend, create new or insert from material and

subcontract  quotes.

·         Using standard prelim forms build-up allowances for each project. Discuss construction

sequence of project with Directors to enable a proposed construction period to  be

determined. Use to calculate prelim allowance. Consider other construction methods

          and determine the specific prelim requirements.

·         Re-assess build-ups taking account of all known conditions and requirements and

adjust figures as necessary. Issue to another estimator to have a cursory glance for


·         Make corrections if necessary.

Budgets/Cost Plans

·         The same process applies as tenders albeit the degree of accuracy required will be

          dependent upon how precise and how much time is given to produce.


·         Prepare tender build-ups and arrange a meeting with the relevant Directors to

adjudicate the price prior to tender submission. Explain the project, the basis of pricing

and the names of any other competing contractors.

·         Carry out adjustments to the tender based on the discussions in the meeting and

          complete tender documentation for submission by the due date.


·         Collate tender information and build-ups, and complete estimator’s written report

section of the handover meeting. Arrange convenient meeting date with contracts

department within one week of letter of intent, contract of firm notice of intent. Attend

meetings, explain project and handover documentation and additional copies as



·         Check figures for other estimator’s tenders as required.


·         Provide support to other estimators in pricing tenders and providing budget costing.

·         Contact with people outside the company will be by telephone, e-mail, letter and

meeting in person.

·         Assist others in selection of materials and sub-contractors when required to do so and

          propose alternative materials or methods.

·         Organisation of meetings requires contacting relevant parties, agreeing convenient

times, preparing agendas, leading meeting where appropriate and providing minutes

and feedback as necessary.

·         Recording existing site conditions, etc. will require taking photographs and detailing a

          written account of the surveys for consideration when preparing and adjudicating each


·         Take responsibility for ensuring tender is delivered to the appropriate place on time.

·         It is expected that a number of reports will be provided on a monthly basis, i.e. tenders

           submitted and their outcome, together with various other individual reports as


·         Help with coaching/mentoring of management trainees while in the estimating


·         The role will pick up other duties and responsibilities as may be considered necessary

as the company grows, expands and adapts to a changing market.

On top of competitive salary and pension, you'll be able to make the most of a great benefits package, including Private Healthcare.

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